The Love Oracle

Your current love situation

Your current situation can be depicted as "The Army" transforming into "The Receptive".

In front of you lies "Water" which transforms into "Earth". That means that danger and the unknown are being transformed into docility and receptivity.
Behind you lies "Earth", representing docility and receptivity.

The Situation

7. Shih - The Army
Above (in front): K'an - The Abysmal (Water)
Below (behind): K'un - The Receptive (Earth)

The Judgement for the Current Situation

The Army. The army needs perseverance
And a strong man.
Good fortune without blame.

The Image for the Current Situation

In the middle of the earth is water:
The image of The Army.
Thus the superior man increases his masses
By generosity toward the people.

Interpretation of the Changing Line(s)

Line 2: In the midst of the army.
Good fortune. No blame.
The king bestows a triple decoration.

The Future

2. K'un - The Receptive
Above (in front): K'un - The Receptive (Earth)
Below (behind): K'un - The Receptive (Earth)

The Judgement for the Future

The Receptive brings about sublime success,
Furthering through the perseverance of a mare.
If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead,
He goes astray;
But if he follows, he finds guidance.
It is favorable to find friends in the west and south,
To forego friends in the east and north.
Quiet perseverance brings good fortune.

The Image for the Future

The earth's condition is receptive devotion.
Thus the superior man who has breadth of character
Carries the outer world.