The Love Oracle

Your current love situation

Your current situation can be depicted as "Break-through (Resoluteness)" transforming into "Innocence (The Unexpected)".

In front of you lies "Lake" which transforms into "Heaven". That means that joy, pleasure, and attraction are being transformed into strength and creativity.
Behind you lies "Heaven" which transforms into "Thunder". That means that strength and creativity are being transformed into movement, initiative, and action.

The Situation

43. Kuai - Break-through (Resoluteness)
Above (in front): Tui - The Joyous (Lake)
Below (behind): Ch'ien - The Creative (Heaven)

The Judgement for the Current Situation

Break-through. One must resolutely make the matter known
At the court of the king.
It must be announced truthfully. Danger.
It is necessary to notify one's own city.
It does not further to resort to arms.
It furthers one to undertake something.

The Image for the Current Situation

The lake has risen up to heaven:
The image of Break-through.
Thus the superior man
Dispenses riches downward
And refrains from resting on his virtue.

Interpretation of the Changing Line(s)

Line 2: A cry of alarm. Arms at evening and at night.
Fear nothing.

Line 3: To be powerful in the cheekbones
Brings misfortune.
The superior man is firmly resolved.
He walks alone and is caught in the rain.
He is bespattered,
And people murmur against him.
No blame.

Line 6: No cry.
In the end misfortune comes.

The Future

25. Wu Wang - Innocence (The Unexpected)
Above (in front): Ch'ien - The Creative (Heaven)
Below (behind): Chên - The Arousing (Thunder)

The Judgement for the Future

Innocence. Supreme success.
Perseverance furthers.
If someone is not as he should be,
He has misfortune,
And it does not further him
To undertake something.

The Image for the Future

Under heaven thunder rolls:
All things attain the natural state of innocence.
Thus the kings of old,
Rich in virtue, and in harmony with the time,
Fostered and nourished all beings.