The Love Oracle

Your current love situation

Your current situation can be depicted as "Dispersion (Dissolution)".

In front of you lies "Wind", representing penetration and following.
Behind you lies "Water", representing danger and the unknown.

The Situation

59. Huan - Dispersion (Dissolution)
Above (in front): Sun - The Gentle (Wind)
Below (behind): K'an - The Abysmal (Water)

The Judgement for the Current Situation

Dispersion. Success.
The king approaches his temple.
It furthers one to cross the great water.
Perseverance furthers.

The Image for the Current Situation

The wind drives over the water:
The image of Dispersion.
Thus the kings of old sacrificed to the Lord
And built temples.

No Changing Line(s)

There are no changing lines in your hexagram - the situation will remain stable (the same) in the immediate future.