The Love Oracle

Your current love situation

Your current situation can be depicted as "Holding Together (Union)" transforming into "The Abysmal (Water)".

In front of you lies "Water", representing danger and the unknown.
Behind you lies "Earth" which transforms into "Water". That means that docility and receptivity are being transformed into danger and the unknown.

The Situation

8. Pi - Holding Together (Union)
Above (in front): K'an - The Abysmal (Water)
Below (behind): K'un - The Receptive (Earth)

The Judgement for the Current Situation

Holding Together brings good fortune.
Inquire of the oracle once again
Whether you possess sublimity, constancy, and perseverance;
Then there is no blame.
Those who are uncertain gradually join.
Whoever comes too late
Meets with misfortune.

The Image for the Current Situation

On the earth is water:
The image of Holding Together.
Thus the kings of antiquity
Bestowed the different states as fiefs
And cultivated friendly relations
With the feudal lords.

Interpretation of the Changing Line(s)

Line 2: Hold to him inwardly.
Perseverance brings good fortune.

The Future

29. K'an - The Abysmal (Water)
Above (in front): K'an - The Abysmal (Water)
Below (behind): K'an - The Abysmal (Water)

The Judgement for the Future

The Abysmal repeated.
If you are sincere, you have success in your heart,
And whatever you do succeeds.

The Image for the Future

Water flows on uninterruptedly and reaches it goal:
The image of the Abysmal repeated.
Thus the superior man walks in lasting virtue
And carries on the business of teaching.