The Daily Oracle for March 08, 2021

Your current situation can be depicted as "The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind)".

In front of you lies "Wind", representing penetration and following.
Behind you lies "Wind", representing penetration and following.

The Situation

57. Sun - The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind)
Above (in front): Sun - The Gentle (Wind)
Below (behind): Sun - The Gentle (Wind)

The Judgement for the Current Situation

The Gentle. Success through what is small.
It furthers one to have somewhere to go.
It furthers one to see the great man.

The Image for the Current Situation

Winds following one upon the other:
The image of the Gently Penetrating.
Thus the superior man
Spreads his commands abroad
And carries out his undertakings.

No Changing Line(s)

There are no changing lines in your hexagram - the situation will remain stable (the same) in the immediate future.